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Video game playing can be a terrific way to relax. There are countless possibilities available, ranging from frantic first-person shooters to time-consuming role-playing and strategy games. But even if playing contemporary games might be enjoyable (there’s a reason why Animal Crossing is so popular, after all), many people say that their fondest or at the very least earliest gaming memories come from playing arcade classics.

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs makes it difficult to visit a coin-operated arcade (or safe). So, for the time being, the Internet Arcade might be your best option if you don’t already own an arcade machine.

The Internet Arcade offers authentic renditions of coin-operated arcade games from the 1970s to the early 2000s. You can play any game on the website for free directly from your browser. Choose a “single-player” game, press “5” to insert a virtual coin, and get ready for a trip down memory lane (or just have some fun). The website also offers a tonne of game-related knowledge. Even the systems on which the games were initially created can be learned about.

The video game library includes everything from early “bronze-age” games from the early days of gaming, with black-and-white panels and basic noises, to massive games with digitised voices, pictures, and music.

The 1985 arcade classic Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is one of my favourites. You can play as Indiana Jones in this game, which is based on the 1984 movie of the same name, as he attempts to save kidnapped children from a dangerous cult while sporting his fabled whip. Harrison Ford’s voice is used in digital form in this 1980s arcade game. It serves as a helpful reminder that entertaining gaming is possible without expensive equipment or next-generation visuals.

Therefore, why not gather some virtual cash and revisit a few arcade oldies if you’re locked indoors and seeking for a new-but-old-school gaming experience that doesn’t need owning a games machine.

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