Sometimes, in between using swords, weapons, or whatever else to fend off monsters or zombies, you want to relax and play a video game with a different kind of challenge. Fishing mini-games add quick bursts of outdoor savviness to our journeys, and while some players despise them, I’ve discovered that fishing can be enjoyable when done properly. Some of the best are listed below.

A fishing mini-game is truly enjoyable when it combines relaxation and difficulty. When the moment comes, and you get a bite, you can sit back and observe the rippling waters, but you’ll need to put in some effort and engage in combat with a scaley adversary. These battles range from intricate recreations of real fishing to exuberant arcade romps. I have compiled the top five most recent fishing mini-games and bring them to you, dear reader, in no particular order, using utterly arbitrary but entirely scientific techniques.

Dew Valley,

A lot is going on in Stardew Valley, including relationships, dungeon exploring, and farm management. It also includes a straightforward yet fun fishing game. If you work hard enough, you can leave the farm behind and live a seafaring life. A tiny meter travels up and down each time you cast your rod and get a bite. The objective is to keep your icon within a certain meter range. Although it isn’t very difficult, the more difficult fish are unpredictable, necessitating fast thinking and anticipation to keep on the hook. This mini-game strikes a good balance between silly entertainment and more serious activity. Keep your temper in check if you periodically reel in some seaweed or a stick.

The Song of Life in Yakuza 6

Yakuza is renowned for its colorful personalities and dramatic plots. It’s the top soap opera in gaming. There is a tonne of side quests and things to keep you occupied in addition to all the crime and drama. Yakuza has previously released fishing games, but Yakuza 6 adds a unique twist: speargun fishing. Kazuma Kiryu, a scowling ex-Yakuza and all-around nice guy, can don a wetsuit and rip through an arcade shoot-out worthy of the Sega legacy. Even boss fights against sharks and octopi exist. Even though it’s stupid, it provides a welcome diversion from the plotting and brutal martial arts fights.

Three Houses in Fire Emblem

Fishing and more fishing is something that Professor Byleth enjoys more than her students. It takes a lot of work to raise teenagers to become ruthless mercenaries and world leaders, and it becomes even more challenging when plans are made to pit them against one another. The professor-level experience you can gain from fishing will provide additional activity points, allowing you to make the most of your limited free time. (It also helps that one of those points isn’t used up by fishing.) The mini-game is typical: time your button presses to catch a fish. However, the background is funny, much like its distant ancestor, Suikoden 2. Educator, soldier, general, and bass fisherman. All of these things and more are Byleth.

XV Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV gets it right, even if Final Fantasy XIV gives a full fishing profession as a playable option. Choose your bait, cast your line, and then wait till Prince Noctis engages his prey in a fierce fishing contest. Pressing the correct button involves:

  • Juggling tiny quick-time events.
  • Reeling in the fish.
  • Controlling the tension on your fishing line.

It’s a nice little game made even better by a bunch of side quests that let you catch some enormous fish. I’m talking legendary fish that are as long as alligators and 100-pound swamp bloopers. However, Final Fantasy XV is frequently a serious game, these small side quests really up the charm.

The Ocarina of Time from The Legend of Zelda

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I’m breaking the “recent” rule here, but how could I leave this out? Many older players’ introduction to digital fishing came from the fishing pond in Ocarina of Time. Many of us fought to catch the Hylian Loach when we were young, naive people. You could cheat by utilizing the sinking lure or standing on the log in the center of the pond, but True GamersTM chose to go about it the difficult way. This goes beyond being a simple fishing game. It is a fishing-themed mini-game.

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